From The Video Slayer Team:

The Video Slayer training program was designed to be an “All Inclusive” WEB video training course, NOT a Hollywood production course. What that means to you is that you will NOT be inundated with technical terms and other crap you don’t need or understand!

Most of the “Other” video training programs you’ll find (both online AND offline) are loaded with technical jargon and “fluff”. We scrapped the crap and ONLY gave you what you need to know for “web video” which is very different from what you’d need to know for movies or television.

We’ve done our best to include extensive training on ALL types of web video from the most basic all the way through to advanced. We hold NOTHING back in The Video Slayer training, we give you step-by-step video instructions as well as MP3 audio files that you can download and listen to, plus PDF documents packed full of resources.

We’ve included many different types of video templates for you to customize and use any way you wish, sample video clips, ALL of Bertram’s TOP SECRET formula’s and some very high quality, special “Unannounced Bonus” material that could easily be sold as stand-alone products!

This is a full on training bootcamp! When you’re finished, we guarantee you will know more than 95% of people attempting to do video.We leave NOTHING out. Even the smallest detail is covered to make sure that you know exactly what you need to do and how to do it!



 The course is made up of 16 modules and each one is extremely detailed!

   Introduction To Video

   Types of Video
   Software And Equipment
   Free And Paid Options
   Complete Resources
   Set Up Your Studio
  What You Need To Know

  Script Writing – How To Write A High Converting Script For Any Video

   Script Writing Formulas
   Emotional Triggers
   Free and Paid Options
   Mind Control Techniques
   Getting High Conversion Rates

 You Must Promise NEVER To Abuse The Mind Control Techniques!

  All About Audio

   Software Options
   Free and Paid Options
   Learn From A Pro – We Hired A Pro To Teach You!
   Fast Audio Formula
   Good Audio Is 50% Of A Great Video!

  Screen Cast Video

   Software Options
   Where To Get It
   How To Install It
   How To Use It
   From The Basics To Advanced
   Sweet Tips About Options Never Shared Before

You’ll learn about a TOP SECRET Screencast option other courses don’t cover because They don’t know about it!

  Story Boarding

   How To
   Why To
   When To
   Exact Formulas
   My Formula
   My Templates

  Basic Editing

   Windows Movie Maker
   Windows Movie Maker Live
   Maximize Free Software

Create A Hybrid Video That Converts Like Crazy!


  Killer Intro Clips

   How To Create Them
   Use Templates
   Tips And Tricks
   How To Get Others To Create Them For Cheap!

  Live Video

This One is Packed With Killer Tips And Tricks!

   Lighting Set Up
   Action Shots
   Camera Angles
   Look Natural!

Use My Secret Formula To Make You Look And Feel Comfortable On Camera!

  Uploading Your Video

   Customize It!

  Hosting Your Video

   How To
   Self Hosting
   Other Options
   Securing It
   Video Players
   Where To Get It
   How To Set Them Up
   How To Customize Them


  Killer Youtube Formula

   Secret Tips
   Paid Ads

When You’re Done With This Module You’ll Be Able To Lock Down Your Competition!

  Killer Video SEO Secrets

   Secret Tips
   Backlink Formula
   Power Up!
   First Page Tricks

  Advanced Editing Magic

   Paid Software
   Final Cut Pro
   Sony Vegas
   Power Director
   Premiere Pro
   Basic To Advanced
   Webber-Wood Effects

  Killer Launch Templates

   Huge Selection
   Save Time
   High Quality
   Easy To Use
   Includes Instructions

  Guru Launch Video Formula

   Copy A Guru
   Use My Formula
   Combine Elements
   Get Results

  Video Sales Letter Formula

   Step By Step Process
   Understand The Psychology
   Why It Works

 How’s That For Over Delivering?

That’s Not All You Get!

We’re going to throw in a few more bonus modules that are worth the price of the entire course, ALL BY THEMSELVES!

Bottom line is, you’re going to have everything you need to create killer, high converting, money making video ALL IN ONE PLACE!

How detailed is it really?

The first 5 modules have almost 50 VIDEOS combined!


A course THIS big could cause “Information Overload”

But, we’ve done a couple of things to help prevent that from happening to you: 

First, we’ve broken  everything down into bite sized pieces so you can easily go back and  find exactly the part you need. These videos aren’t 20 minutes long so  you don’t have to worry about trying to remember where that one spot you  were looking for is.

Second, we’ve set the  content to automatically release new modules each week. You’ll begin with the first 5 Modules (48 videos) and a new module will  appear AUTOMAGICALLY on a regular schedule. This way we can answer your questions as you move along.

Of course, we’ll also be dropping in some cool bonus videos and materials that you’re going to love! We’ve also got a SWEET bonus coming very shortly we’re wrapping up right now. This one is really HUGE!

We guarantee this will be the most detailed and comprehensive course you will find and the best part is it’s not going to cost you a couple months of mortgage payments to get in!




  • 13 Comprehensive Training Modules
  • Audios, PDF’s and MindMaps
  • FAQ Videos Inside The Member’s Area
  • Custom Q&A Videos
  • Video Templates
  • 3 AWESOME Bonus Modules
  • HUGE Unannounced Bonuses


Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

That’s right, we take ALL the risk so you can concentrate on learning everything you need to know about web video. We want you to absolutely love the training! That’s why we will give you 100% of your money back, no questions, no hassles and no BS!

Here’s a Recap Of What You Will Get:

  • 13 Comprehensive Training Modules
  • Audios, PDF’s and MindMaps
  • FAQ Videos Inside The Member’s Area
  • Custom Q&A Videos
  • Video Templates
  • 3 Bonus Modules
  • HUGE Unannounced Bonuses

To make this as convenient as we possibly can for you, we’ve set up three easy payment options.

You can make one ANNUAL payment of $497.00

The Video Slayer

Or Three Smaller Payments of $197.00

(Duplicate) The Video Slayer

Or 12 Affordable Monthly Payments of $57.00

(Duplicate) (Duplicate) The Video Slayer